You’re All I Need

I know that she’s waiting,
for me to say forever
I know that I sometimes,
just don’t know how to tell her
I want to hold and kiss her,
give her my love.
Make her believe…
She doesn’t know
She doesn’t know

You’re all I need beside me girl
You’re all I need to turn my world
You’re all I want inside my heart
You’re all I need when we’re apart
You’re all that I need

I know that she’s always,
there when I need her loving
I know that I’ve never,
told her how much I love her
I see her face before me,
I look in her eyes
Wondering why,
oh…. she doesn’t know
She doesn’t know

She doesn’t know

You’re all I need beside me girl
You’re all I need to turn my world
You’re all I want inside my heart
You’re all I need when we’re apart

Say, say that you’ll be there
Whenever I reach out,
to feel your hand in mine
Stay, stay within my heart
Whenever I’m alone,
I’ll know that you are there

You’re all I need beside me girl
You’re all I need to turn my world
You’re all I want inside my heart
You’re all I need when we’re apart

You’re all I need beside me girl (All that I need)
You’re all I need to turn my world (All that I want tonight)
You’re all I want inside my heart (I need you my baby)
You’re all I need when we’re apart

All that I need, is for you to believe
All that I need, is you…

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37 Tanggapan to “You’re All I Need”

  1. hero Says:

    emmm romantis bangeddddddddddd

  2. rinjani Says:

    ingat jaman pacaran dulu

  3. nayla zahra Says:

    .. heuheu.. cimon… cimon.. cinta mo-nyet .. inget gue !!!

  4. firhanusa Says:

    pas nyanyi ini, tujuh taun lalu, seraut wajah sendu memandangi saya dr ujung ruangan,,, hmmm,,, akhirnya dia memberi saya dua anak-anak lucu ,,,

  5. boby Says:

    ngingetin aku ma temen aku,,,doi seneng bgt ma lagu ini,,,,,kira2 doi sekarang d mn ya,,,,aku slalu mengingatnya lewat lagu ini,,,,,,

  6. Daniel Says:

    Lagunya white lion sngt mnyntuh hti – – – — – –

    smpi kpn pun white lion ttp d hati

  7. Rey Says:

    Pling enk d nyanyiin berduaan brg huuney nii..

  8. Harry Says:

    Sprti yg kursakn saat skr ini dn utk slma’a,yg kn indh pd wkt’a kuykin itu…..,

  9. Senli sianturi Says:


  10. sekar Says:


  11. sekar Says:

    i love this song..

  12. sekar Says:

    white lion juara

  13. Afrida SE Says:

    Saya sll mndngar n mresapi lagu ini,hingga rindu ini sdkt trobati…krn 8 th lalu pacar saya mnyanyikan lagu ini u saya…tp skrg apakah kenangn msh brarti baginya…krn sy msh mhrapkanya…mskipun sy sdh mnikah,tp kenangan itu akan sll kuingat…

  14. detran Says:

    This song is amazing. . . . . . .!
    nyeredet kana Manah . . . . . .mantafff !

  15. Hangga Says:

    rock but still romance….I love this song

  16. ellin nurlaili Says:

    teringat sang kekash yg kini jauh dariku

  17. Fans White Lion Says:

    eiiitZ…. jangan lupa kalo gitaris yg mainin ini lagu NamaNya Vito Bratta,,, sang Legendaris Gitar… Jangan Lupa itu!!! ^^

  18. penceng Says:

    haaaaa, ane sering dengerin ne lagu n g pernah bosen,,
    bener2 meresap d hari ne….

  19. Felinda.. Says:

    So…. Sweeett,,
    you’re all I need
    babyQuew… Luv U..

  20. Ariestia Says:

    lagu2x White Lion sangat keren N menyentuh hati.. dr dulu mpe skrg suka bgt… Tak lekang oleh waktu… Lov U White Lion…. Karyamu sangat Indah….

  21. nawi Says:

    pas bgt ne lagu………….
    kuerrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeennnnn pooooooooolllllllllllllllll…………….

  22. Sandri Erfani MUfc Says:

    pertama kali lagu ini saya perkenalkan sama pacar saya, dia langsung suka .. 🙂

  23. rhiiandy Says:

    Lagu ini sngat ROMANTIS 🙂
    Sy dpt lgu ini prtma klix dari pacar sy & tdk akn prnah trlpkan 🙂

  24. Chike Kamajaya Says:


  25. putri Says:

    romantis banget.
    andai mantan gue tau isi hati gue kayak sekarang ini

  26. Husnun Says:

    Setiap denger lagu ini saya jadi ke ingetan “mantan terindah” saya..:'(hiks hiks hiks

  27. ardiantoyugo Says:

    mantep banget lagunya… lebih punya taste…

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