If You Come Back

C’mon c’mon
Yeah, can you feel me?
(Baby can you feel me?)
I’ve got something to say
Check it out

For all this time, I’ve been lovin’ you girl
Oh yes I have
And ever since the day you left me here alone
I’ve been trying to find, oh, the reason why

So if I did something wrong
please tell me, I wanna understand
‘Cause I don’t want this love to ever end

I swear, if you come back in my life,
I’ll be there ’til the end of time
(Come back to me, Come back to me, Back into my life)
And I swear, I’ll keep you right by my side,
’cause baby you’re the one I want
(Come back to me, Come back to me, Back into my life)
Oh yes you are

I watched you go
You’ve taken my heart with you
Oh yes you did
Every time I tried to reach you on the phone
Baby you’re never there
Girl you’re never home

[#] ~
No, no, no, no


Maybe I didn’t know how to show it
And maybe I didn’t know, what to say
This time, I won’t, this time
Then we can build our lives
Then we can be as one~…

[Chorus until Fade]

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Satu Tanggapan to “If You Come Back”

  1. Juendah Says:

    Wow..this lyric is so cool….I like this song very much..Thanks for the one whom posted this song..thankssss..

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