Hotel California

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
I had to stop for the night

There she stood in the doorway,
with the mission bell
I was thinking to myself
‘This could be Heaven or this could be Hell’
Then she lit up a candle, and she showed me the way
There were voices down the corridor,
I thought I heard them say…

[Reff I]
Welcome to the Hotel California ,
such a lovely place, such a lovely face
Plenty of room at the Hotel California,
any time of year, you can find it here

Her mind is Tiffany-twisted, she got the Mercedes Bends
she got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, that she calls friends
How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat.
Some dance to remember, some dance to forget

So I called up the Captain,
‘Please bring me my wine’
He said,’We haven’t had that spirit here since, nineteen sixty nine’
And still those voices are calling from far away,
wake you up in the middle of the night,
just to hear them say…

[Reff II]
Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a lovely place, such a lovely face
They livin’ it up at the Hotel California,
what a nice surprise, bring your alibis

Mirrors on the ceiling,
the pink champagne on ice
And she said, ‘We are all just prisoners here, of our own device’
In the master’s chambers,
they gathered for the feast
The stab it with their steely knives,
but they just can’t kill the beast

Last thing I remember, I was, running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
‘Relax,’ said the night man,
We are programmed to receive.
You can checkout any time you like,
but you can never leave!

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3 Tanggapan to “Hotel California”

  1. Torym Says:

    Waduh ni lagu plg kskaan gue,udah gue cr kmana2 liriknya,bru dpt d intrnet,thnxs ya guys

  2. Narnie Jeumpa Says:

    aku suka bgt dgn ne lagu…
    lagu kenangan ku waktu aku dijgja…
    Thx Buangett Yo..

  3. Says:

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