Only God Knows Why

I’ve been sittin’ here
Tryin’ to find myself
I get behind myself
I need to rewind myself

Lookin’ for the payback
Listen for the playback
They say that every man bleeds just like me

And now I feel like number one
Yet I’m last in life
I watch my younger son
And it helps to pass the time

I take too many pills
it helps to ease the pain
I made a couple of dollar bills
Still I feel the same

Everybody knows my name
They say it way out loud
A lot of folks fuck with me
It’s hard to hang out in crowds

I guess that’s the price you pay
To be some big shot like I am
Outstretched hands and one night stands
Still I can’t find love

And when your walls come tumbling down
I will always be around


And when your walls come tumbling down
I will always be around

People don’t know about the things I say and do
They don’t understand, about the shit that I’ve been through
It’s been so long, since I’ve been home
I’ve been gone, I’ve been gone for way too long

Maybe I forgot, all the things I miss
Oh somehow I know there’s more to life than this
I said it too many times, and I still stand firm
You get what you put in, and people get what they deserve

Still I ain’t seen mine, no I ain’t seen mine
I’ve been giving just ain’t been gettin’, I’ve been walking down that line
So I think i’ll keep on walking, with my head held high
I’ll keep moving on, and only God knows why

Only God, only God
Only, God knows why
Only God, knows,
why why why, only God knows why

Take me to the river’s, edge
Take me to the river, hey hey hey

Ditulis dalam Kid Rock. 3 Comments »

3 Tanggapan to “Only God Knows Why”

  1. awi Says:

    jd ingat waktu smp dulu

  2. Albert Totti Says:

    bagus banget aku jadi nget ma seseorang yg pernah aku sayangi dulu, kini dia uda diambil orang

  3. De CntQ Says:

    lirik nie lagu benar2 OKZ py…jd ingt org yg plg suka dgr lagu ini..mgkn krn bnr2 tjd d khdpnx…itz still a mistery until he tells me why he likes this song…YUPW?? would U?

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