Time goes whenever you are, time is your guiding star,
That shines all through your life, makes you feel and move
My dreams are out in the far, so are yours a part
Of secret fairy tales, dripped on the wings of a mystery mill.

Windmill, windmill, keep on turning
Show me the way, take me today
Windmill, windmill, hearts are yearning
Longing for love and a chance to be free

Don’t feel alone and depressed, someone will come at last,
To soothe your stumbling mind, to keep it away from the e-vil storm



[Chorus] (2x)

Time goes, whenever you are

Ditulis dalam Helloween. 2 Comments »

2 Tanggapan to “Windmill”

  1. faTyaa Says:

    giLaa,, nie Laguu gw sukaaaaaa bngdhhh!!!! windmiLL…

    THANKS atass Lyrikk.naa!!

  2. Impian terluka Says:

    Asyik dey …


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