Leave Out All The Rest

I dreamed I was missing,
you were so scared,
but no one would listen,
cause no one else cared

After my dreaming,
I woke with this fear,
what am I leaving,
when I’m done here

So if you’re asking me I want you to know

When my time comes,
forget the wrong that I’ve done,
help me leave behind some-
reasons to be missed
And don’t resent me,
and when you’re feeling empty,
keep me in your memory,
leave out all the rest (x2)

Don’t be afraid,
I’ve taking my beating,
I’ve shared what I’ve been

I’m strong on the surface,
not all the way through,
I’ve never been perfect,
but neither have you

[#] ~~ [Chorus]

all the hurt inside you’ve learned to hide so well
someone else can come and save me from myself
I can’t be who you are


~ I can’t be who you are

Ditulis dalam Linkin Park. 20 Comments »

20 Tanggapan to “Leave Out All The Rest”

  1. wie CuTe Says:

    Lp gwe bangEtZzz…

  2. You One Says:

    LP LP LP aku suka bgt…………. 😀

  3. na'dha whatever Says:

    sukaa banget denger lagunya………………..

  4. Rudy Says:

    keren banget…

  5. dj Says:

    gA da kTa LaeN sLaen……




  6. robin Says:

    linkin park???
    kren banget dah…

  7. robin Says:

    linkin park??
    kren banget dah…

  8. Panji Says:

    Biasa aja ah..

  9. Mr. Pen Says:


  10. diraa notty Says:

    besh ciot lagu ney….
    feeling mesti ad..
    ap2 pom lagy ney memng bez…

  11. popon Says:

    gk da band yang paling krennnnnnn, selain LP……..

  12. nova everywhere Says:

    LP lagu sepanjang masa!!!!

  13. joty Says:

    linkin park is the best bgt dheeee
    i luph linkin park

  14. Rizaldi Says:

    Quw ska bnget ma lgu ni
    ok bnget ….. 🙂

  15. arvine Says:

    jelas linkin park is the best from the best…

  16. febi Says:

    kenapa gak ada yg bahas liriknya? itu yg ngedukung lagu ini keren bukan?

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