No More Sorrow

Are you lost, in your lies
Do you tell yourself, I don’t realize
Your crusade’s, a disguise,
replace freedom with fear,
you trade money for lives.

I’m aware of, what you’ve done

No, no more sorrow,
I’ve paid for your mistakes
Your, time is borrowed,
your time has come to be, re-placed

I see pain, I see need.
I see liars and thieves,
abuse power with greed
I had hope, I believed,
but I’m beginning to think,
that I’ve been deceived

[#] ~~ [Chorus]

Thieves and hypocrites (x3)

[Chorus] (x2)
~ Your time has come to be re-placed
Your time has come to be e-rased~

Ditulis dalam Linkin Park. 2 Comments »

2 Tanggapan to “No More Sorrow”

  1. maY BerKaTa Says:

    LagunYa semUanYa KeReN bNGet…

    NenDanG ABIEsss….

    KeReN baNgET..

    CuCoK D TeLiNGA….

  2. LiLie Says:

    WuUiZzT,., LinkiN PaRk th3 bEsT deyh..,
    kLuaRin aLbum Lagi donk..,

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