Loving You

Ring ring,
it’s you again,
hurt pops,
I love to hear you,
it’s been all day I’ve been waiting for you

you call my name,
so much story you share with me,
you said a lot, to me about, girls,
oh it’s so nice

And every beauty thing they did to you,
don’t stop and tell me more

Loving you is hurt some times,
I’m standing here you just don’t by,
I’m always there you just don’t feel or,
you just don’t wanna feel
Don’t wanna be hurt that way,
it doesn’t mean that I’m giving up,
I wanna give you more and more and more~

Knock knock,
you came around,
heart, pops,
I love to see you,
it’s been two years since I am in love, with you

Bam bam,
you break my heart,
you said girl I’m in love with her,
but it’s alright,
I’m still alive
here, oh…

And all the beauty thing she did to you
Don’t stop and tell me more

[Reff] ~ and more

And when I see that smile upon your face,
deep in your eyes you had it all
And when I hear your super electrical voices,
oh yeah

[Reff] ~ and more

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11 Tanggapan to “Loving You”

  1. vieeetha Says:

    What a great simple but so sweet song
    Love it!!

  2. aciel Says:

    Nyanyinya seperti pake amarah banget

  3. irzie Says:

    request lirik lagu d’cinnamons with “so would you let me be”

  4. re2 Says:

    ur voice is soOO.. earcatching!
    go D cinnamons!

  5. Rüdiger Says:

    Hello, on which album is this song?
    Nochmal auf Deutsch: Auf welchem Album find ich den Song?

  6. jojo Says:

    gilla! asik musiknya, perfect liriknya…….

  7. chaky Says:

    mantap lh!

  8. cHantiQ Says:

    >>> wHat a great Song!!!! <<<

  9. Narnie Jeumpa Says:

    ngingetin aku dengan dengan siarip…

  10. L Says:

    Hm…eh,sy salah masuk chat room…sorry…

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