Malchik Gay

Malchik Gay (x15)

Handsome, tender, soft,
why do you look right through me,
thinking, no
I can’t deny my feelings, growing, strong
I try to keep believing, dreaming, on,
and everytime I see you, I cry, more,
I wanna pull you closer closer closer closer
but you leave me feeling frozen

Malchik gay (x2)
I can be, all you need,
won’t you please, stay with me,
malchik gay (x2)
Apologies, might-have-beens,
malchik gay (x2)
can’t erase, what I feel,
malchik gay (x6)

Choking, back e-motion,
I try to keep on hoping, for a, way,
a reason for us both to, come in, close,
I long for you to hold me, like your, boyfriend does,
and though my dream is, slowly, fadin’,
I want to be the object object object object
of your passion but it’s hopeless



malchik gay (x12)

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