If Tomorrow Never Comes

Sometimes late at night,
I lie awake and watch her sleeping
She’s lost in peaceful dreams so I turn out the lights,
lay there in the dark
And the thought crosses my mind,
if I never wake, in the morning
Would she ever doubt,
the way I feel about her in my heart

If tomorrow never comes,
will she know how much I loved her
That I try in every way,
to show her every day,
that she’s my only one
If my time on earth were through
She must face this world without me
Is the love I gave her in the past,
gonna be enough to last,
if tomorrow never comes

’cause I’ve lost love once in my life,
who never knew how much I loved them
Now I live with the regret that my true feelings for them,
never were revealed
So I made a promise to myself,
to say each day how much she means to me
And avoid that circumstance where there’s no second chance,
to tell her how I feel


So tell that someone that you love,
just what you’re thinking of,
if tomorrow never comes


33 Tanggapan to “If Tomorrow Never Comes”

  1. Dee-Zay Says:

    I need his song with the same title…
    Do you have??
    If U have, I want it..

  2. reva_so2like Says:

    neyy lagu cocok bwat soundtrack film bunu diri…
    so sweettttt

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  4. ichalk Says:

    I Like…

  5. Me Says:

    Dear Ronan,

    I have no imagine, if one day I died then what he’ll do without me beside him?? will he think always bout me? or he’ll search someone again and forget about me?

  6. riva Says:

    so sweet……………

  7. Ria Angelina Says:

    gue banget ni lagu

  8. reka Says:

    Laike dist,,,

    pa lagi yang bawa kevin skiner,,, muantap…!

  9. adhe andriani Says:

    mantaps bgt ne lgu……
    bisa ngis dgrnya,,,,,,,,,

  10. cakra Says:


  11. cakra Says:

    ronan keating bikin nih lagu jenius banget,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,great

  12. IKhsan Says:

    Waaaaaa……………lebih cocok klau Kevinn skinner yg nyanyi….

  13. lena Says:

    i like this songs…………………………………..
    that songs make me cry…………………….

  14. dj_zach Says:

    widih,,,,,,,q cinta banget ma lagu na,,
    like this

  15. Lia Says:

    beutiful song…

  16. gilby Says:

    sweet lirik and wonderful song,kevin skinner makes me cry with his version

  17. rie Says:

    i like this song.
    so very2 sad..

  18. de Says:

    i like………………..

  19. de Says:

    ” if tomorrow never comes ” aku suka…

  20. chyntia Says:

    lagu yg bagus,
    akk ndengerin lagu ini scara gag sengaja,
    dan ternyata akk suka bgd..
    lagu yg bagus,

  21. Gilank Sagicy Says:

    aqu juga suka bnget ni lagu ..bikin merinding… uachhhh.. pokok nya kereennn abizz..

  22. Agusiki Says:

    Gw lbh suka klw yg nyanyi adalah asking alexandria..pasti keren tuh..hohoho

  23. raino estu gustiana Says:

    Jadi inget kk gw yang udah meninggal.. “Will hee know how much I lupe his” 😦

  24. dhiaz martin Says:

    awalnya suamiku yg suka lagu ne,tiap kekamar mandi diputer lwt hp.q keikut nyanyi,gilaaa,..nice liric

  25. yayya Says:

    like this song… 🙂

  26. Jack Says:

    ini lagunya Garth Brooks kali, dinyanyikan ulang oleh Ronan Keating.

  27. Arti Lirik Lagu Maroon 5 Sad | Song Lyrics Says:

    […] If tomorrow never comes | lirik […]

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