Five Minutes to Midnight

Brown eyes and lungs are filled up with smoke,
fast lives are stuck in the undertow,
but you know the places I wanna go.
Cause oh oh oh,
I’ve got a sickness you’ve got the cure,
you’ve got the spark I’ve been lookin’ for,
and I’ve got a plan we walk out the door.

You know you wanna just let go,
it’s time to roll down the windows.
Sing it oh oh,
yeah all we need so here we go.

Turn it up,
it’s five minutes to midnight,
you’re coming home with me tonight,
I can’t get enough,
shakin’ me up,
turn it up.
Alright, at five minutes to midnight,
you see our name in city lights.
We’ll make the clock stop,
make your heart drop and come alive.

We could,
pack up and leave all our things behind,
no fact or fiction or storyline,
cause I need you more than just for tonight.
You’re oh oh all I care,
I can’t stop my breathing in,
I’m weak and you were my medicine,
I won’t stop ’till I am under your skin.



And when the clock strikes twelve,
will you find another boy to go and kiss and tell,
cause you know I never will.
I think we should strike a match,
we’ll hold it to the wind to and see how long it lasts,
we can make the time stand still.

[Reff] (x2)

3 Tanggapan to “Five Minutes to Midnight”

  1. fitri uswatun k Says:

    ae kak ppw kBrnya kak…
    Cry ea kak qWh rRu koMent cKrg ….
    cz qWh cKrg sBuk dGn kEgiatan qWh di sCul…
    kAx dOain qWh ea bIar bsa lu”s kak ent mndptkn sCul yang qwh ingintkan…..

    udH dLu ea kak……..

  2. asri widyastuti Says:

    ae ae kak ppw kbrnya ncHw???????????….
    udh l5 nda manggung nchw nphw?????……
    kak kpn ncHw kesolonya?????…..
    qwh tgu lhowwww???

  3. podo muna music Says:

    nice … lama carinya ne lirik..

    O ya, jangan lupa singgah ya

    Download Mp3 terbaru 2016 Gratis

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